April Showers Brought May Flowers

May 24 , 2019


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April Showers Brought May Flowers

You’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but we bet you weren’t prepared for the blooming beauties we had in store for you this month, Neva Nudes!

You’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but we bet you weren’t prepared for the blooming beauties we had in store for you this month, Neva Nudes!

Whether you had rolling storms or just a little sprinkle this April, our collection of gorgeous floral pasties will help you blossom in the sun (or under a blacklight) and remember that good times are up ahead (after all, it’s almost SUMMER babes!!).

If you’re ready to rock some flower power at a pool party, one of the SICK festivals this season or just out and about, check out some of our fav floral products.

Sequin Flower Power

Drivin' Miss Daisy Pasties

If you’re searching for the cutesy look of a spring floral with the exciting appeal of neon, opt for our super-sequined, super-adorable daisy pasties.

Whether you choose blue Flower Power Daisy Nipztix or our perfectly pink Drivin’ Miss Daisy Nipztix, you’ll be SHOOK to see yourself light it up with blacklight-reactive sequins out on the dance floor.

Bae-sic Florals

Looking for something sweet with just a little sass for an everyday look or a subtle addition to your party outfit? Our Back to Baesics collection filled with simple petal pasties has you covered (literally)!

Simple nude petals to match three different skin tone groups are your go-to everyday pasties, giving you coverage while keeping you feeling cute. Or, if you want something just a little sexier, don some petal pasties with beautiful, light lace for that extra-feminine touch.

Realistic Roses (& Co.)

Sometimes, your “petals” deserve to stand out front and center, and what better way to do that than by dressing them up with our realistic-looking floral pasties?

A set of Freaking Awesome Roses Are Red Pasties will attract the eyes of every handsome beast in town, or you can live out your rainbow dreams by blossoming in a pair of our Freaking Awesome Pride Rainbow Rose Pasties.

Are you the type of gal who finds roses so generic? Spice up your flower power and sparkle in a pair of our sunny Freaking Awesome Seductive Sunflower Power Pasties (and know our love for YOU can never be too much!).

Go for flirty and feminine with these pink Freaking Awesome Driving Miss Daisy Pasties, or venture off the beaten path in these bold, pink and yellow pansy pasties!

Nature’s Gems

If you really want to “take it there” and get bold with your blossoms, go 3D and SPARKLY with some of our deliciously divine jeweled floral pasties. Turn your chest into a royal work of art when you adorn it with rhinestones and crystal flowers.

Our regal misses will <3 our Blue Violet Crystal Jewel Pasties or our Ruby Rose Pink Crystal Jewel Pasties, which both incorporate super-sparkly, iridescent and colorful gems in a beautiful floral pattern.

If you’re more of a wild child, light up the night with our neon UV jewel floral pasties in dazzling designs that are perfect for summer. Mayan Warrior Neon UV Crystal Jewel Pasties are great for protecting the tatas, while our Mayan Blossom UV Neon Crystal Jewel Body Stickers can jazz up just about anywhere else your body needs a little extra color or sparkle.

No matter what variety of flower power you choose to rock this month, we know you beauties are going to continue to bloom! MUAH!

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