Be Part of the Pride Tribe!

Jun 13 , 2019


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Be Part of the Pride Tribe!

We’ve created an entire line of products to help you join the Pride Tribe while looking cool AF.

Hey Neva Nudes! It’s officially June, and you know what that means: It’s Pride Month! The time to party it up while honoring who you truly are, or to praise and support all the LGBTQ+ peeps in your life.

This month, we pay tribute to the many before us who fought for LGBTQ+ rights and remind ourselves that no matter what you feel or how you identify, you were born this way…and you SLAY!

Of course, we know that all of you hitting up Pride events will want to show off your true colors and sick sense of style, which is why we’ve created an entire line of products to help you join the Pride Tribe while looking cool AF. Our Nipztix, BodiStix and more will only enhance the beauty you have on the inside.

Check ‘em out!

Pride pasties

Pride encompasses every part of you, and what better way to say “I love who I am” than by dressing yourself up (and down!) with a little glitz and glam? We have a ton of rainbow-themed pasties that will be the perfect touch to your Pride outfit.

Pride I Heart U Pasties

Pride I Heart U Pasties

Simple and sweet, these rainbow flag heart pasties are perfect for showing your pride or support. These are a great choice for under tops, as a rainbow accent or just on their own!

Rainbow Glitter Cloud Pasties

Rainbow Glitter Cloud Pasties

Pride is all about the rainbow, and if you don’t already have enough rainbow gear to sport at your local event, we’ve got you covered! These rainbow pasties will get you feeling festive and proud!

Freaking Awesome Pride Rainbow Rose Nipztix Pasties

Freaking Awesome Pride Rainbow Rose Nipztix Pasties

If you want something more delicate or feminine, let your pride blossom in these rainbow floral pasties! The glittery velvet texture will dazzle the crowd around you and show off your inner shine.

Sexy Piñata Multicolor Sequin X Factor Nipztix

Sexy Piñata Multicolor Sequin X Factor Nipztix

Pride is a party where you can unwind and unleash your true self with like-minded, loving individuals. Bring the party along with you when you wear our bright and bold sequin pasties featuring every color of the rainbow.

Dazzling jewels

At Pride, people aren’t afraid to be out, loud and proud. Our collection of dazzling jeweled pasties and body stickers were designed to let you showcase your personal style in vibrant colors and shimmering sparkles.

Pride Tribe Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties

If plain pasties just don’t speak to your soul, our Pride Tribe crystal nipple covers might! These rainbow beauties will help you lead your own Pride Tribe to acceptance, love and diversity.

Pride Tribe Crystal Jewel BodiStix In Your Face Edition

Get your face aglow when you adorn it with our rainbow colored Pride Tribe crystal face jewels. These colorful crystals are perfect for a Pride party!

Pride Tribe Crystal Jewel BodiStix Body Sticker

Our Pride Tribe crystal body stickers look like a rainbow of fireworks—perfect for celebrating YOU! Drip yourself in jewels as you rock your body to the beat of your own drum (and heart!).

Rock your pride head to toe

Pride Tribe Gift Box

Do you need the perfect getup to feel festive, sexy and Pride-ready? Our Pride Tribe Gift Box contains everything you could want to get sparkly, bold and beautiful. From Nipztix and body stickers to G-strings and glitter-tastic Glitz Grenades, this box is the perfect pride package delivered straight to your door.

We love Pride Month because it reminds us how beautiful the diversity of our world is—inside the Neva Nude community and out. We love making products that honor self-love and self-expression, and there’s no better time for that than Pride!

Remember: Love is love is love is love. And no matter who you love, always know that WE love YOU!! Happy Pride!

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