Ideas for How to Reuse Your Festival Bracelets

Jun 12 , 2019


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Ideas for How to Reuse Your Festival Bracelets

Here are some super cool ways to reuse and up-cycle your festival bracelets into something new and totally rad.

Hey Neva Nudes! Festival season is officially here (Ch-YEA!) and now’s the time to get prepped and ready to partayyy hardayyy.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably amassed a sizable group of fabric festival bracelets over the years. A collection representing your commitment to festi life, these bracelets were your ticket in and out of events in the past. But once you inched them off your wrist, they might have made their way to a pile, a box or some undisclosed location on your floor.

Well, in honor of festival season, it’s time to breathe new life into those babies and get yourself festi-ready once again! Here are some super cool ways to reuse and up-cycle your festival bracelets into something new and totally rad.

Re-wear them

Festivals spend time designing each year’s bracelet with care, adding sick designs and bold colors to make them instantly identifiable. Many people wear their festi bands long after the event is over as a badge of pride, a reminder of a rockin’ time and a way to identify like-minded people on the street.

There are loads of ways to re-wear them, but we like bracelet clips like these that instantly transform your bracelet into a reusable piece of art on your wrist that is super easy to take off and put back on later.

You could also use a bead like the original closure to make the bracelet look more “authentic,” or attach a metal clasp to the ends for a classier-looking enclosure.

When you update your festival bracelets to be worn again, you have the option to wear one, all or just a few, and you can even match them to your outfits! (Psst, word is that our nipple pasties match just about anything!) Keep on rockin’ your festi pride, loves!

Turn them into wrist lanyards or keychains

If the time for wearing your old festival bracelets has passed, it’s time to turn them into something new! The new fabric bracelets most festivals are using these days are perfect for transforming into keychains and lanyards.

How could you manage to leave the house without your keys when they’re attached to one (or a bunch) of super bold, super colorful bracelet-lanyards? With a little hot glue or a needle and thread, create a loop at the end of your bracelet and attach a key ring to it. Or, if your bracelet is still in its original loop, just add a keyring to the center and BOOM: lanyard!

Create a sick choker

A-la-1990s fashion, chokers are back, and they can be made out of basically anything your heart desires. To make your bracelets into chokers, just pick a few festival bracelets that are similar in color, shape and design.

Unhook them and remove the clasp so they’re flat, then sew one end from each bracelet together so it is long enough to fit around your neck. Cut to size and add a way to clasp the exposed ends together, and, voila! Your very own festival choker.

Make them into patches

Whether you want to add a few badges of honor to a jacket or need a way to spruce up a purse or tote, festival bracelets can make excellent colorful patches. Just cut out a section of the bracelet you like best (preferably one with the brightest design or the festival name) and sew it on!

As you transform bracelet after bracelet into patches, your bag, jacket or whatever you choose will become a work of art unique to your kick-a$$ experiences.

Show them off in your house

You don’t have to wear your festival bracelets on you to reuse them, either! Festi bracelets can also make adorable pieces of décor for your room or house.

Depending on your tastes, you can adorn just about anything with your wristbands. Glue them onto a boring clock to make a bright and bold festi-clock, or spruce up a lampshade and watch the colors light up your room.

You can even do something as simple as getting a wooden post or PVC pipe and attach all your bracelets to it as if they were on your wrist, then mount it on the wall for everyone to see. This one is super fun, because you can keep adding to your collection for years and years!

Sew them into a pouch

Who couldn’t find a use for an adorable zipper pouch now and then? Whether you take it out as a clutch or use it for pens in your school bag, you can use your festival bracelets to either create or decorate a plain pouch.

Lay the bracelets flat and hot glue them to the outside of a boring pouch, covering all exposed areas. Or, if you’re a true DIY diva and are handy with a sewing machine, you could even sew the bracelets together and attach a zipper or clasp yourself.

Use them as bookmarks

Cloth bookmarks are totally a thing, and if you <3 to read, then combine your passions by turning your festi bracelets into page holders! Most bracelets are the perfect size to fit inside a book when they lay flat with a little end poking out at the top.

You can even add a charm, beads or rhinestones to the top to spruce up the bookmark even more. Now, every time you open up your book, you can smile and remember those ahhh-mazing festival memories.

Share in your festi pride

There are so many cool ideas for repurposing your festival bracelets, it’s hard to choose just one or two! No matter what you do with them, don’t forget the awesome times you had (if you can even remember them in the first place!) and the even MORE awesome ones to come.

And, don’t forget, we’re always here for your festival fashion need, so take the opportunity to stock up on Nipztix and Glitz Grenades to match all your festi bracelets this festival season.

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