Space + Bass All Days

Sep 19 , 2019


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Space + Bass All Days

Here are some of our fav space outfits and jams that fit their vibe.

Going to a festival or rave is an experience all of its own. The crowds, the outfits, the dranks—all important, but nothing is quite as crucial as the sick beats you rave your face off to all night long!

Bass music is otherworldly. If it played to you in a dream, you know your unconscious self would be out doing something truly wild. When the beat drops and the bass is thumping as you jump and pump and grind, you may as well be on a whole new planet!

Bass is unique, just like you, Neva Nudes. To get you in the spirit, whether you’re cranking the stereo on your car or catching a flight to the next big festival, here are some of our fav space outfits and jams that fit their vibe.

Space Mermaid + “M.A.D.” – Hadouken!

Mermaid Magnifique Turquoise Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade Keychain in Aloe Gel

Our Space Mermaid collection of pasties feature an out-of-this-world blue-green shine that looks like the strobes flashing over a crowd raving to a killer bass drop.

Wearing our Space Mermaid 3D Turquoise Iridescent Starry Nights Sticker Top, you can decorate your chest in a unique combination of star-shaped Nipztix and Bodistix to get the perfect mix of freedom and coverage.

Give yourself an otherworldly glow by slathering your face and bod with the glittery goodness from our Mermaid Magnifique Turquoise Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade, which matches the hue of the sticker top to perfection. 

This RAD ‘fit brings the song “M.A.D.” by London-based electronic band Hadouken! to mind. The deep, thumping bass and high-pitched electronica creates an upbeat, electronic mess of a dance tune that feels positively extraterrestrial.

Get EXTRA-terrestrial + “Check This Out” by Marshmello

Kanye The Alien Super Holographic Nipztix Pasties

HOLO, humans! Are you ready to jam to some futuristic beats? Kanye the Alien is! Our freaky little Kanye The Alien Super Holographic Nipztix Pasties shine with an intense holographic rainbow glow—the perfect pairing for a space-themed event.

Bring the party to your face by decorating it with our new Cosmic Crush Loose Ready to Wear Crystal Creations. With 140 star- and moon-shaped crystals at your disposal, you’ll look like you belong among the planets and the stars.

Future bass is taking over the festival scene, and this galactic outfit matches the fun, upbeat vibe of Marshmello’s “Check This Out.” You can get down to it in a crowd, or jam alone with headphones, just like our lil’ alien friend! (Plus, we’re pretty sure Marshmello is an alien... Who knows what he’s hiding under that bucket head?!?!)

Alien Abduction + “Cyberspace” by 1788-L

ET Phone Home Sequin UFO Nifty Nipztix 2 Wears

Humans used to fear alien abduction, but partying with some cool-a$$ Martians on a spaceship sounds pretty sweet, now that we think about it! Get ready to be beamed up when you slap on a set of our ET Phone Home Sequin UFO Nifty Nipztix and rock out with their rainbow sequins!

To ramp it up, create a futuristic eye look using a combo of our new Silver Pixie and Raspberry Roulette Pink Glitter Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow. The glitter will act like a homing beacon throughout the galaxy!

Our bass inspo for this space look is “Cyberspace” by 1788-L (who headlines Lost Lands in just a few weeks—get pumped!). Even though the song centers on the tech universe, its slow, ominous buildup makes you feel like a UFO is approaching. But when the beat drops, the bass cranks up to level 11, and you’re ready to party hardy with your new alien friends.

Space Storm + “Above and Beyond” by Bassnectar

Let’s be real here—asteroids, shooting stars and space storms are way scarier than whatever alien creatures are roaming out there, but they also sound SUPER cool. Channel the intensity of a storm surging through space in our Glow Dark Synaptic Storm Holographic X Factor Pasties. These white and holo Nipztix look like little cracks of colorful lightning shooting across time and space, and they turn a wild alien green after exposure to light!

To make the outfit even more intense, swipe some neon pink, purple and orange pigment from our NEON AF UV Loose Pigment Bundle on your eyes, cheeks and lips. With your bold, colorful creation, the crowd around you will think they have synesthesia! 

This moody, colorful creation channels the vibes of “Above and Beyond” by Bassnectar. The ultra-deep bass and slow, dark vibe of the song’s intro calls to mind a fierce space storm with bright flashes of light and sound. Once you hit the section with piano and strings halfway through, enjoy your blissful trip through the stars!

Drop the Bass

Are you ready to hit the dance floor and jam out like an alien on steroids? Mix and match our products, get your freak on and blast off!

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