Jan 21 , 2019


Tanner Bloom


OMG OMG OMG!!!!. Get ready to bunker down and bling up! We can't keep it in any longer; we've been absolutely DYING to tell you about our new glitter line - GLITZ GRENADES!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!. Get ready to bunker down and bling up! We can't keep it in any longer; we've been absolutely DYING to tell you about our new glitter line - GLITZ GRENADES!



These cute grenade shaped plastic bottle keychains are perfect for on-the-go glitter application, BAM! Each Glitz Grenade is filled with ALARMING amounts (1.6g) of a magical aloe vera glittery solution, WHAMMY! Go BALLISTIC and get your GGs, BBs!

OBVs we want you guys to SLAY with SPARKLES, so we've been sure to create shades for our baes that match our other product lines. We absolutely CANNOT wait to see how you mix, match, and MUSTER your look!  Survey our full ARSENAL of color choices below:

  • Mayan Raveress

  • Cupid’s Crush

  • Trixie Pixie

  • Friskie Fairy

  • Lucid Dreams

  • Raspberry Rushie

  • Berry Mischievous

  • Moon Song

  • Prosecco Vibes

  • 24 Karat

  • Mermaid Magnifique

  • Poseidon

EMS 'N TANS, Neva Nude


Where did we get the inspo to BLOW your mind, you ask? Well as we’ve said about twenty million times, Ems and I met at Crossfit where we bonded over not only a love of DEADLY workouts, but also margaritas, high kicks, stickers, and SPARKLES! From these loves, and incessant viewings of Arrested Development, Nipztix pasties and thusly Neva Nude was born. While Ems and I both love daring to (almost) bare with our Nipztix, we always wanted to expand into more than just a pasties company and to be a lifestyle brand. Our MISSION is to make the world a more magical, sparklier place with our products and we know that our glitter is a sure way to achieve that goal.


If you’ve followed our insta (ahem, you better), you’ve seen that Ems and I became slightly obsessed with body, face, and hair glitter in 2017-2018. As a Burner, and a Venice Burner at that, I pretty much only go to parties where I am in some form of costume. Selfishly, I wanted to be able to curate outfits where my glitter perfectly matched my Neva Nude Nipztix and Crystal Bodistix/Face gems. Ems, being the business wizard that she is, realized that we should make this available for all of our loyal Neva Nudes...esp. Since y’all are waaaaay more creative and proficient at the finer arts of makeup and looking #glamorous.

We were brunching (aka sipping Mimosas) and discussing how we were going to package and sell our glitter when a former/maybe kind of current (shhhh, don’t tell) flame entered the restaurant. Ems looked at me and said, “Tans, you’ve got a LANDMINE  in the building.” Flame came over for a quick chat and then went to join his friends. After he was out of earSHOT, Em’s said, “OMG, do you remember how you used to glitter bomb Flame’s chest?” in reference to the amount of glitter he’d have on his chest upon waking up after sleepovers LOL. We stared at each other for a minute, and then I said, “Landmine...glitter bomb...DUDE. WHAT IF WE SELL OUR GLITTER IN A GRENADE?!?!?!”

We asked the waiter for more napkins and Ems frantically began sketching.Three months and many crazy work hours on Ems behalf later, here we are LAUNCHING OUR GLITZ GRENADES! It’s insanely gratifying to see a concept transform into an actual product, and it’s even more exciting to see the smiles on the faces of Neva Nude community, the sparkle in y’all’s eyes and on your bodies,  and to read your comments. We cannot thank you guys enough for the support; because y’all fill the world with your own magic, we are allowed to do the work that we love.

On that note, be sure to follow our insta @nevanude for inspo, updates, and KILLA giveaways!


Ems 'n Tans

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