Meet Emma

British born and raised. I have always had that entrepreneurial spirit, and love working on new and exciting ideas.

Neva Nude has been a great adventure so far, and I truly belive that everyone should show their fun side.

Fun Facts:

  • British like the Queen!
  • Has an awesome dog named Yogurt!
  • Kombucha addict! (Synergy only!)
  • Loves cheeseburgers!
  • Dork-a-potamous!

Favorite Nipztix:

  • Queen Frostine
  • Pink Double Starburst
  • Bitchin' Barbs Sequin Stars

Meet Tanner

Tarheel born and bred. I've always been a bit of a wild child with a penchant for the fabulously outrageous. To me, Neva Nude is a means of expression that allows me to show whatever part of myself I feel. Every body has a story. Let Neva Nude help you tell yours!

Fun Facts:

  • Workout junkie
  • Loves raw veggies!
  • Pint sized but massive personality!
  • Auntie to Yogurt!
  • Met Emma at Crossfit ;)

Favorite Nipztix:

  • Liquid Party Holographic X Factor
  • Sequin Jasmine I Heart U (big Aladdin fan)
  • Ariel Sequin Dope AF Weed Leaf! BOOM BABY!

Why We Love Our Awesome Products

We Neva Nudes believe that sexy is a state of mind. Everybodi has a story to tell and we want to help you tell yours with our Nipztix, BodiStix, and apparel. Join us in revolutionizing the fashion industry and dare to (almost) bare!! Neva Nude has you coveredTM



  • Nipztix are fabric stickers that stick to your nips (get it? Nipztix)! They are made with swimsuit material and a medical-grade, latex-free adhesive.
  • Each package contains one awesome single-use pair of pasties that lasts for a minimum of 8-12 hours, and is They are waterproof, sweatproof, and, of course, FUNPROOF!
  • Sizes of Nipztix range from 1.5” of coverage to 3.5”. While colors, shapes, and sizes may vary, we guarantee that they will all be awesome! Whatever the occasion, they are provocative...They get the people going!
  • Sidenote: We thought the name was SUPER clever until we had to tell people our email. So many spelling fails.


  • BodiStix are a smaller version of Nipztix, without the anatomical constraints...aka they look fabulous anywhere on the body (get it? BodiStix...there’s definitely a theme here…). BodiStix are perfect for adding a little extra sparkle to your look, or if you’re a friskie foxi, you can use them as a risque pastie! Each package includes 6 awesome single-wear stickers with an average coverage of 1 inch. BONUS: after you wear them, you can upcycle them and decorate electronics, diaries (don’t front), or anything your pretty little heart desires.


  • MiniStix are super cute, miniature fabric stickers made with a medical-grade latex free adhesive (get it, MiniStix? #onbrand)! Basically, it’s what your Lisa Frank lovin’ third grade self always dreamed of...ridiculously cute stickers that you can use to pimp out your things OR wear! Each package includes 8 pieces of two style Ministix, so 16 awesome single-wear stickers. Boom, Maff!​
  • Use MiniStix for a Massive Impact! They are the ideal final touch for any outfit, and are especially perfect for raves, face sparkle and as pretty prezzies for the peeps you care about!
  • If SkyDaddy cried adorable heart and star shaped tears of sparkly happiness, they’d take form as MiniStix.


- our newest, latest, and possibly greatest line!

  • Nifty Nipztix are DIYish embroidered or sequin Pre-pasties that can be transformed into the freaking coolest Nipztix ever with our easy peasy process. Each package comes with a pair of pre-pasties and four sheets of double backed, double sided adhesive tape. All you have to do it cut it, stick it, and look GD Fabulous! Since we know that you’ll want to wear the sh*t out of them, we’ve included enough material for two wears. Try not to break Insta with all of your cool pics!
  • Perfect for the DIY Diva
  • Semi-homemade, Completely Fabulous
  • Double the tape, double the wears, quadruple the awesome!


  • In this millenium of Aftermath, we want to be the one-stop shop for all things pasties, so we’ve been in the lab, with a pen and a pad, trying to curate the sexiest, sparkliest looks ever!
  • Bedazzle your breasts with our amazing new iridescent jewel Crystal Nipztix. Like Cristal champagne, Crystal Nipztix are the ultimate option for luxury sparkling and a bubbly (figuratively) time! These artfully arranged jewels will have you outshining the competition, and will allow you to shine the the motha effin’ diamond that you are! Each package contains a pair of single-use, easily applied jewel pasties. Like all Nipztix, they are waterproof, sweatproof, FUNPROOF, and kind of slash totally the best in the world. Disclaimer: While they look freaking legit, they ain’t real crystal or diamonds. Sorries!


  • Look nice on the outside and then show your naughty side with our matching pasties and panties...they’re as cheeky as you! All Knix come with a pair of Nipztix that is made of the same material as the self of the panty (the crotch part, yo).
  • We have 3 lines of Naughty Knix: Neon Sporto (active), Neon GST (G-String/Gorgeous.Sexy.Triumphant), and Sequin GST.


  • These Blacklight Reactive thick waistband V-String Thongs come with matching Blacklight Reactive Starry Nights Nipztix Pasties.
  • Each panty is made with a Sportivo Waistband and a Spandex/Textured Nylon Blended self for biomechanical excellence and maximal sexiness.
  • Available in 5 different fabric selections (California Love, Tropical Skittlz, Neon Tetris, Block Party, and Aztec Rave)
  • Sizes are S/M and M/L


  • These Blacklight Reactive G-string thongs come with Matching Blacklight Reactive X-Factor Nipztix Pasties.
  • Each panty is made with a Neon AF trim and a Spandex/Textured Nylon blended Self.
  • Available in 5 different fabric selections (California Love, Tropical Skittlz, Neon Tetris, Block Party, and Aztec Rave)
  • O/S - They are like the sluttier (no shame) little sister to Sporto Knix


  • These Magic Sequin G-String Thongs with Matching Magic Sequin Starry Nights Nipztix are super sexy and fun to play with ;)
  • Each panty is made with a nylon thin waistband and a magic flip sequin self. Moving your hand over the sequins flips them so that the bottom color of the sequin is displayed.
  • O/S

Available in 6 different fabric selections:

  • Athena - Gold/Black
  • Sookie - Red/Black
  • Bitchin’ Barbs - Neon Pink/ Silver
  • American Spirit - Blue/Red
  • My ‘Lil Pony - Iridescent Greenish Purply PInk / Deep Purple
  • Princess Bride - Iridescent Pearl White/Matte White

I love this company and the kind, positive-energy owners. They have amazing designs; there’s always something new :) Nipztix are comfortable and the adhesive on the back works with my sensitive skin! They are waterproof and so perfect for those summers at the lake. With Neva Nude's selection I never run out of outfit ideas! LOVE LOVE LOVE


My half A's with your pasties were pretty much the laugh of everyone's day 👌🏼🤣 hahahhaa you guys rock! Wore em for close to 24 hours and they didn't irritate me at all and stuck like glue but came off pain free 😍 impressiveeee 💁🏼 can't wait for my next excuse to rep the itty bitty titty committee via


"Love, Love, Love these pasties. Fantastic quality and awesome people. Quick and responsive."

-Rachel Norris- Los Angeles
Eragon Stars

"These pasties lasted all day, I got so many comments. Form fitting and super soft."

-Santa Monica- Caroline Gibson
Wonder Woman Heart

"These pasties are great! Unique and good quality. Neva Nude also shipped the products quickly and were very fast in their responses to my inquires. Great company, great product!"

-Melissa Chapnick- St. Louis

"Would definitely purchase again! Can't wait to rock these during festival season :)"

Samantha P Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Lustful Lilac Starry Nights

"Great. super comfortable stayed all night dancing"

Kortney A Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Liquid Party X factor

"These cross pasties were so cute underneath my sheer body suit and stayed on for hours!!! I never had to worry about a nip slip! Def recommend !!!"

Kortney A Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Liquid Party X factor

"LONG LASTING AND PERFECT❤️ So I recently used these at the Paradiso festival in Washington, and I didn't expect it to be so warm but the weather was in the high 90s. Amazingly these pasties stuck on the entire time through heat and sweat and everything. Throughout the festival I kept seeing girls with pasties that had fallen off and I was afraid that would've been me but these lasted all day and I still had to pry them off by the end. They're absolutely adorable and I got tons of compliments on them"

-Elice W Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Rainbow Sherbet Tie Dye I Heart U

LOVE THEM! They super comfortable and cute, they definitely brought attention to the outfit I was wearing. They don’t hurt when you take them off, which is what I was afraid of, I highly recommend them!

Dana M -United States- Velvet Crush Heart

Great question! This is latex-free medical grade adhesive! It's sticky AF and if applied correctly will last you through the night like a magical Unicorn!
Pasties are FREAKING complicaetd! LOL JK!
1: Make sure your nips are dry and free of lotions and oils! (ya cant stick them when you're all oiled up!)
2: Slowly peel of backing and get ready to show your skin some Neva Nude love!
3: Apply once and carefully smooth down. Make sure to stick all the edges so the pasties will last you into the night on your adventures!
4: Dare to (almost) bare!
5: Take loads of pics, tag us in them, and shine like the motha' effin diamond that you are!
6: Gently remove and be careful not to pull your skin. Do not rip off! (Eeek)
7: Get onto our website and use code "welovestickers: for 10% off your next fabulous pair, and remember..... Neva Nude has you covered!
All of our Nipztix and BodiStix are hand made in sunny California. We make them all in-house from locally sourced fabrics!
All of our AWEOSME products have been tested! We've tried them while working out, partying, dancing, swimming in the ocean like the mermaids we are and many other cheeky activities! If applied properly your Nipztix should last you 8 or more hours!
The most important question of all! LOL
It's so sweet that you think that! We create unique pasties and want to make the world a sparklier place. If we can make someone smile with our products then we are happy!
Here's some pointless info:
Emma= Dorky, loyal, loud, British, interrups a lot, has a dog named Yogurt, hates bullies, hard working!
Tanner= Wild, mermaid, loves to dance, most reliable friend, can be a dragon, fun-loving!
Emma and Tanner together= Look out world!
We sing an awesome Hakuna Matata! ;)
You sure can, just make sure when you sitck them that all of the corners are firmly pressed down and you're good to go!

And..... just incase, it's always good to have a spare pair on hand!
Swim, flip, dive, and be the mermaid or merman that you are!
Remember to take pics and tag us!