Cupid's Crush Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade Keychain in Aloe Gel

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Variety is the spice of life so rack up on these awesome alternatives, bb!

Friskie Fairy Cosmetic Grade Glitter Glitz Grenade Keychain in Aloe Gel


It doesn't take a a scientist to figure out what's going on, bb! Cupid's working his magic and it'll be what it'll be (hot and steamy) with this red mixed-shaped Cupid's Crush body, face, and hair glitter!  Disclaimer - they may get vanilla skies and visions of white picket fences in their eyes when they see you sparkle and shine!

Pro-Tip: Prepare for your date with destiny by matching with your favorite Nifty Nipztix, Crystal Nipztix, and Naughty Knix.


A Glitz Grenade is the supreme weapon of choice in your party arsenal. It's an explosion of sexy sparkles, designed to obliterate dullness upon detonation. Whether you're on the front line or in the trenches in this war against boredom, Neva Nude has you covered. Pop the safety lever, and Wham! Bam! Now You're Glam!!


  • DETONATE your Bombshell Sparkle anywhere, anytime with this on-the-go Glitz Grenade Keychain.
    • Sharing is caring! Wham, Bam, and Glitz Glam your friends!
  • Easy Application - use your finger (wash your grubo hands first) or buy a Neva Nude make-up brush bc you fancy!
  • ALARMING amts of glitter are inside! Each Grenade contains 1.8oz of super sparkle sexiness!
  • BLOW AWAY the competition with our high intensity pigment COSMIC GRADE glitter and pure aloe vera magical solution. Your skin will feel like it's bathing in dewdrops!
  • DESTROY DULLNESS: Our Glitz Grenade glitters can be used on the body, face, and hair!. Make your eyes POP by creating a winged look, or exude elegance with dramatic cheek highlights. Create an EXPLOSION of sexy sparkles across chest, shoulders, and anywhere you want to SHINE!
  • COORDINATE with an ARSENAL of  Neva Nude Products (Crystals, Nipztix, BodiStix, MiniStix, Knix, and all of the sparkly, badass things! ) for a WINNING look.
  • WARNING! Do not place glitter near the eye area! This product is not for children (except those at ????)
  • FEMININE WEAPONS  MASTERS can also purchase loose glitter in the Glitz Grenade.


  • 3" Tall

  • 2" Wide

  • Keychain Length: 1.5"


  • Wash off with warm water and skin friendly soap :)