Eskimo Kisses White Clear Iridescent Bag Of Loose Crystals


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If you dreamt that Mt. Olympus erupted and (instead of gross ash) rained down frozen gems and jewels of power and awesomeness, then you must be a Sparkle Prophet! Collected, categorized and curated by Neva Nude fairies, these amazing bags of loose crystals contain enough multiple-sized face gems for you to create so many looks. Get ready to adorn and adore, bb! 

Why Are Loose Crystals So Awesome?

    For Sparkle Monsters of all ages!
    • Loose Crystal Face & Body Jewels Ready to ROCK!
    • EASY PEASY - just add makeup glue and stick!
    • Create your UNIQUE look using as many or as few gems as your pretty little heart desires
    • Sooooo many crystals!
    • 140+ Crystals in EACH bag!
    • Sharing is caring - be the star of the show and dress up your friends!
    • It's like a sparkly hug for your mug!
    • Add some extra sparkle to your face by placing these near or on eyelids!
    • Create the ULTIMATE look with our Glitz Grenades wearable face, body, and hair glitter!
    • Compact so you can take them everywhere!