Eve Clear Iridescent Sticker Top Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties

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Sin, with original style. EVEning looks will be complete with these leaf shaped iridescent Crystal Nipztix Sticker Tops. 


Each package contains single-use, easily applied jewel pasties and body stickers. Get ready to rock your new crystal sticker top! Have you ever bathed in a pool of diamonds? Do you want to look like you’ve wandered out of the bright, divine Aether? OMG, us too! These single-use, easily 


    • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application
    • They are the sparkliest, most majestic, magical pasties ever!
    • Live out your princess/fairy/goddess fantasy OR perfect your rave/festival fashion!
    • They literally create a ‘treasure chest’ LOL
    • Will adhere to your skin until you take them off!
    • Waterproof


    Pasties: 4" Wide 3" Tall

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