Medusa Black & Silver Sequin Bikini


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Neva Nude Bikinis are made in Sunny California; they are practically made on the beach for all of our hot beeeches.

The bikini top has two o-rings for that extra sexy peek of skin. Cups and straps are adjustable; however, these run small (if you got it flaunt it, bb)!

The Bikini bottoms are sewn with a scrunch butt to flatter every rear. Adjustable side ties have beads for that extra pop of class.  

Fulfill your mermaid fantasies with these awesome Magic Flip Sequin Mermaid Bikinis! Under water, these scalene sequins will make you more attractive than a Siren Song! Walk, run, and play all day in the sun in this amazing, shiny bikini! Everyone will want to be a part of your world :). Bikinis are available in the following colors:

Ariel -Green to Black Matte

Medusa - Silver to Shiny Black

Wanna Be Jasmine - Aquamarine to Baby Pink

Each Bikini comes with a matching pair of Nipztix Pasties. Dinglehoppers sold separately.

Freeze men in their tracks with this amazing, sparkly, and just freaking awesome bikini top. It's even more sparkly than the images can show. Please Note: These are two tone sequins, you can change the color to silver or black! 

Check the video out here!