Mirrored Mayhem Super Holographic Sexy Necksie


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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, whose the BADDEST motha effa of them all? 

Wear this ridiculously holographic, prismatic Sexy Necksie whose shattered pieces mirror the trail of broken hearts and mayhem you leave in your wake. 

What Makes Sexy Necksies So Awesome? 

  • Crafted with the finest hand selected fabrics with an awesomeness akin to those found on the Silk Road. 
  • Breathable, comfortable, and fashionable AF 
  • More versatile than apple cider vinegar as a homeopathic cure - over 10 different ways to wear! 
  • Can be used as a face covering to protect from dust, cooties, wind, and aesthetic apathy. 
  • MADE IN THE USA by a Female owned and operated company, BOOYAH! 


Width: 9.6" Stretch Materials

Height: 18.2" laid flat

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