Sinfully Strawberry Magenta Glitter Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow


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Sinfully Strawberry:

For those depraved bc they’re deprived, this Deep Pink Sinfully Strawberry pressed pigment will awaken the sparkle within for an ungodly good looking time.


Wanna have the visual equivalent of a raging party with the added excitement of pressies? Us, too, so we’ve designed debaucherously decadent pressed pigments for our Neva Nude femme fatales. Whether you’re in for a boozey brunch or a killer night out, these 2g pressed pigments will create a look that will have them drunk in love or struck dead!  

Why Are Neva Nude's Pressed Pigments So Awesome?!
  • Create STRIKING eyes with our super sparkly eyeshadow! 
  • Match with our Glitz Grenades for a KILLER look!
  • Stays on skin and does not fall off!
  • Awesome Colors for all skin tones - BAM! 
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan - YASSSSS! 
  • Small BFF run business - BOOM! 
  • Comes packaged in a Neva Nude gift box!

Remove with lukewarm water and cleanser :)