Best Beaches for our Betches

Jul 17 , 2019


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Best Beaches for our Betches

Check out these five awesome beaches and some super-cute outfits that fit their vibes perfectly

It’s the heat of summer, and if you haven’t gotten out much thus far, worry not! There’s still over a month of warm weather left for you to head out for your ideal vacay. And when the sun is out and the temps are hot, we know where we’ll be: the beach!

If you’re looking for some top travel destinations for some to hit up before fall rolls around (or some summer lovin’ a la Grease), check out these five awesome beaches and some super-cute outfits that fit their vibes perfectly.

Coronado Beach in California

Southern California has some of the best beaches (we’d know!), and one you don’t want to miss is Coronado Beach (also known as Central Beach) in San Diego. Spanning 1.5 miles, Coronado Beach is a top spot for all kinds of beach bums and surfer dudes.

The beach has something for everyone, from sunbathers to swimmers and surfers. It’s perfectly picturesque, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and colorful seaside mansions on the other. And, it has a flat walking surface, so no more stumbling across the sand as you pick out the perfect spot!

One of the things we love most about Coronado Beach is that the sand almost shines silver because of the mica in it, giving it an ethereal glow.

When you visit, match the sand’s shimmering sparkle in our Medusa Black & Silver Sequin Bikini. This sexy, sparkly dual-tone magic sequin silver to black bikini changes colors with the swipe of a hand—totally radical!

El Nido in Palawan, Philippines

If you’re up for a real adventure, hop on a plane and jet off to El Nido in the Philippines. El Nido has over 50 (you read that right, betches!) white sand beaches to lay around on and stunningly blue water to take a dip in if you’re feelin’ a little hot, hot, hot!  

If tanning isn’t your jam, there’s tons of adventure to be had, from exploring coral reefs to deep-sea diving. This place is said to have some of the best beaches in the entire world.

And, of course, this destination is no manmade place. It’s a breathtaking paradise, surrounded by limestone formations and lush greenery. You’ll want to stay and play all day, from sunrise to some of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever see.

Mischievous Mermaid Iridescence Sexy Starfish Pasties

There is absolutely nothing like the aquamarine water in the Philippines, but our Mischievous Mermaid Iridescence Sexy Starfish Pasties just might give the colors a run for their money. These babies shimmer with an iridescent mix of bright blue and green and are sure to give you some sweet tan lines! (PS, did we mention our pasties are WATERPROOF? Take a dive and leave your worries at the beach!)

Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos

If you want to stay a little closer to home while still feeling in a far-away paradise, absolutely do not miss out on Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos. The series of coral islands is an unbelievable getaway, and your insta pics from this gorgeous beach will turn your friends and fam green with envy.

Grace Bay Beach is one of the top-rated beaches in the world, hosting pristine, white sand, crystal-clear water and one of the cleanest stretches of waterfront known to man. You could spend all day watching the sun sparkling on the water as you soak up some rays.

Because Grace Bay will make you feel like you’re living in luxury, spruce yourself up and act like royalty while you’re wearing these Blue Violet Crystal Jewel Nipztix Pasties. The sun won’t be the only thing shimmering when you’re strolling on the sand!

Clearwater Beach in Florida

Move over, PCB! Clearwater Beach off the Florida Gulf Coast is one of the top Sunshine State destinations this year!

Enjoy the calm, warm waters of the Gulf on this beautiful, soft, sandy beach that’s both fun and relaxing. After you soak in the sun, hop on a jet-ski (or paddleboard, if that’s more your speed) or go parasailing to enjoy even more of the summer fun this spot has to offer.

After the sun sets, the fun doesn’t stop! There’s tons of yummy spots for seafood and drinks, as well as live entertainment, not too far from the beach! Move over Jimmy Buffet, these margaritas are all mine!

Tropical Skittles Orange UV G-String Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set

Because Florida beaches are oh-so-fun, get your tan on in our bright and bold Tropical Skittles Orange UV G-String Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set. If you head into the water, just grab a bright-colored swimsuit bottom and dive in!

Manele Bay in Hawaii

Our last beach destination is the tropical vacation you’ve always wanted: Manele Bay on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. The tiny island is home to one of the most widely recognized beaches around, a wide stretch of golden sand next to water teeming with sea creatures.

If you want a quieter spot to relax that also offers the opportunity for adventure, Manele Bay is the right place! Come on, who doesn’t want to get a peek at adorable dolphins and brightly colored fish?! We found Nemo!!!!!

Moana Coral Sparkle Sequin Mermaid Shell Pasties

To pay homage to the gorgeous Hawaiian beaches and marine life, step out on the sand in a pair of our Moana Coral Sparkle Sequin Mermaid Shell Pasties. You’ll positively glow and, in the words of Tamatoa, you’ll be SHINY like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck.

Sip, Sparkle and Sunbathe

Summer is thrive season, betches, so pack your bags and hit the road. Whether you hit up some of our fav spots or your own, we know you’ll shine like the motha effin’ diamond that you are.

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