Meet Emma

British born and raised. I have always had that entrepreneurial spirit, and love working on new and exciting ideas.
Neva Nude has been a great adventure so far, and I truly belive that everyone should show their fun side.

Fun Facts:

  • British like the Queen!
  • Has an awesome dog named Yogurt!
  • Kombucha addict! (Synergy only!)
  • Loves cheeseburgers!
  • Dork-a-potamous!

Favorite Nipztix:

  • Queen Frostine
  • Pink Double Starburst
  • Bitchin' Barbs Sequin Stars

Meet Tanner

Tarheel born and bred. I've always been a bit of a wild child with a penchant for the fabulously outrageous. To me, Neva Nude is a means of expression that allows me to show whatever part of myself I feel. Every body has a story. Let Neva Nude help you tell yours!

Fun Facts:

  • Workout junkie
  • Loves raw veggies!
  • Pint sized but massive personality!
  • Auntie to Yogurt!
  • Met Emma at Crossfit ;)

Favorite Nipztix:

  • Liquid Party Holographic X Factor
  • Sequin Jasmine I Heart U (big Aladdin fan)
  • Ariel Sequin Dope AF Weed Leaf! BOOM BABY!

Why We Love Our Awesome Products

We Neva Nudes believe that sexy is a state of mind. Everybodi has a story to tell and we want to help you tell yours with our Nipztix, BodiStix, and apparel. Join us in revolutionizing the fashion industry and dare to (almost) bare!! Neva Nude has you coveredTM