Great question! This is latex-free medical grade adhesive! It's sticky AF and if applied correctly will last you through the night like a magical Unicorn!
Pasties are FREAKING complicaetd! LOL JK!
1: Make sure your nips are dry and free of lotions and oils! (ya cant stick them when you're all oiled up!)
2: Slowly peel off backing and get ready to show your skin some Neva Nude love!
3: Apply once and carefully smooth down. Make sure to stick all the edges so the pasties will last you into the night on your adventures!
4: Dare to (almost) bare!
5: Take loads of pics, tag us in them, and shine like the motha' effin diamond that you are!
6: Gently remove and be careful not to pull your skin. Do not rip off! (Eeek)
7: Get onto our website and use code "welovestickers: for 10% off your next fabulous pair, and remember..... Neva Nude has you covered!
All of our Nipztix and BodiStix are hand made in sunny California. We make them all in-house from locally sourced fabrics!
All of our AWEOSME products have been tested! We've tried them while working out, partying, dancing, swimming in the ocean like the mermaids we are and many other cheeky activities! If applied properly your Nipztix should last you 8 or more hours!
The most important question of all! LOL
It's so sweet that you think that! I create unique pasties and want to make the world a sparklier place. If I can make someone smile with my products then we are happy!
Here's some pointless info about Emma:
Dorky, loyal, loud, British, interrups a lot, has a dog named Yogurt, hates bullies, hard working!
Finally, I sing an awesome Hakuna Matata! ;)
You sure can, just make sure when you sitck them that all of the corners are firmly pressed down and you're good to go!

And..... just incase, it's always good to have a spare pair on hand!
Swim, flip, dive, and be the mermaid or merman that you are!
Remember to take pics and tag us!