Fly Your (Freak) Flag and Let Freedom Ring

Jul 08 , 2019


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Fly Your (Freak) Flag and Let Freedom Ring

This holiday is all about celebration, so get loud and proud to be American and let your (freak) flag fly high this 4th of July!

For all of our American Neva Nudes, the 4th of July is coming up fast! As you’re prepping for those classic July 4th barbecues, pool parties and picnics filled with tasty treats, even tastier summer drinks and chants of “U-S-A,” make sure you don’t let your holiday outfit fall by the wayside!

This holiday is all about celebration, so get loud and proud to be American and let your (freak) flag fly high this 4th of July! Here are some of our fav products for ringing your freedom bell this year.

Rock Your Freedom

Under the hot July sun, the last thing you want to be is bogged down by layers, so declare your independence and get FREE AF in some of our 4th of July-themed pasties! Made of super comfy material that is sweatproof and waterproof, our nipple covers and body stickers are perfect for keeping you covered at pool parties, dance parties or wherever you want to celebrate.

American Flag Pasties

American Flag Pasties

Own your American pride right on your chest with our American Flag Pasties. Rock the stars and stripes in heart-shaped nipple cover form to let everyone know you <3 the USA.

American Spirit Flip Sequin Naughty Knix

American Spirit Flip Sequin Naughty Knix

Be a sexy suffragette or stay cool by the pool in this matching and patriotic AF American Spirit Flip Sequin Naughty Knix Set. A set of red and blue star-shaped flip sequin pasties pair perfectly with an ultra-sleek sequined G-string thong so you can look and feel hot as can be.

American Spirit Flip Sequin Bodistix

American Spirit Red Blue Flip Sequin BodiStix

Whether you need a finishing touch on an adorable 4th of July outfit or want to spruce up your chest, face and bod while rocking our pasties, our American Spirit Red Blue Flip Sequin Heart Bodistix make the perfect companion to your patriotic festivities. With all the sparkles from the sequins, you’ll be as shiny as the fireworks in the sky!

Light One Up for America

American Spirit Blue to Red Flip Sequins Dope AF Weed Leaf Pasties

If your 4th of July plans are a little more mellow, our American Spirit Blue to Red Flip Sequin Weed Leaf Pasties are a great way to get stoked while you toke for the holiday. Devour those tasty treats while letting your American spirit blaze bright red (white and blue!).

Be an American Hero

Grab your whips and shields, babes! It’s time to defend America superhero style…at least, that’s how you’ll feel after a round of red and blue Jell-O shots and a vodka melon!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Heart Pasties

Do you believe you are destined for greatness? Do you want to unlock your inner warrior goddess and fight evil? Transform yourself into everyone’s fav bada$$ heroine with our Wonder Woman Heart Pasties that have the perfect patterns for 4th of July.

American Beauty Face Jewels

And, if you want to get even more extra, our American Beauty Crystal Jewel face crystals look like her headpiece, only sparklier and sexier!

Captain America

Freaking Awesome Shield Nipztix

If you consider yourself a more classic, upstanding hero desperate to prove your worth (or if you want to give a nod to our brave troops!), our Freaking Awesome Shield Nipztix will make you feel closer to that dreamy first avenger.

Shine Like a Firework

With a summer cocktail in one hand and a sparkler in another, you’re bound to be ready to light up the night as fireworks boom overhead. So why not add a little extra sparkle to your look, too?

Americana Face Crystals

Americana Face Crystals

Get all fired up with your love for America the Beautiful, beautiful! Our Americana Crystal Jewel Bodistix In Your Face Edition creates sexy wings around the eyes that are more patriotic than the Great American Eagle! Fly high with Neva Nude, bb!

Glitz Grenades

What’s more 4th of July than an EXPLOSION of glitter just about everywhere?! Our Glitz Grenades are your go-to accessory of choice this Independence Day. Spread glittery goodness on you and your friends in all the patriotic colors: deep-sea blue, ruby red and brilliant white. Eat your heart out, George Washington!

Fly Your Freak Flag

Whether your 4th of July will be low-key or wild, don’t be afraid to let loose, fly your freak flag and have loads of fun. Just like American, you have the freedom to be bold and beautiful!

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