Coachella Fashion Tips & Outfit Ideas

The artist lineup for Coachella always draws in the masses, but sexy Coachella outfits are what really turn heads each year! As absolute festi FIENDS, we know the ins and outs of Coachella fashion, and everyone is itchin’ to top last year’s hottest ‘fits. At Coachella, you can express yourself in the wildest, sexiest costumes and clothing you can find, so make your outfit a hit and get ready to get LIT! 

Stuck on what to wear to Coachella? With our shizz, outfit ideas are endless! Whether you go for a look that’s beautiful, bold or bohemian, our collections of pasties and crystals make the ultimate accessories for an outfit that helps you stand out in the crowd. Cover up or dare to go (almost) bare by layering sticker tops, body stickers and jewels all over for an ultra-fun and sparkly AF combo. During all your shenanigans under the summer sun, our waterproof, sweatproof and FUNproof goodies won’t be going anywhere!

Top everything off with a dash or a dousing of festival glitter, neon pigment makeup and loose gems if you’re feeling extra. When you see yourself on a Coachella’s Hottest Looks list, you’ll thank us later!

Inspiration for Coachella

Popular Collections for Coachella