EDC Outfit Ideas & Fashion

 The Electric Daisy Carnival is a spectacle like no other—a rave-lover’s dreamland! To commemorate the occasion, attendees from far and wide put together some of the most daring and imaginative EDC outfits they can. Neva Nude products are the perfect fit for bold and beautiful EDC looks that celebrate love and life! Our crazy-daisy collection of sticker tops, crystals, pasties and glitter are sure to bring the party in Las Vegas this year. Whether you’re a headbanger, a mover and a shaker or a slow-groover, our out-of-this-world EDC rave outfits will stay all day thanks to long-lasting adhesive and water- and sweatproof materials. 

When you’re picking what to wear to EDC, mix and match our colorful, UV-reactive and hot-as-hell styles to create your own masterpiece! Like a flower, you’ll bloom, and your exuberance, energy and fashion will create a psychedelic experience under the Electric Sky. Peace, love and good vibes, babes!

Inspiration for the Electric Daisy Festival