Festival Glitter

You’ve got your outfit, shoes, bags and bracelets lined up for the most epic weekend EVA, but something’s missing... To take yourpartylook to the next level, don’t you dare leave the house without an absolute explosion of festival glitter on your face and bod! Festival glitter makeup is the peanut butter to your look’sjelly—the cherry on top of your super-sexy sundae! Our collection ofbody glitter products helpsyou maximize your sparkle potential and stand out in the crowd, letting you shimmer and shine as you’re movin’ and groovin’on the dance floor.

No matter how you apply our glittery goods, you’ll be ready for all-day and all-night sparkle and shine. Create the ultimate festival glitter eyes with our cosmetic-grade glittermakeup products or cover yourselfin fairy dust and get ready to fly when you paint on ourchunky glitter. Still not enough? Our glitter-coatednipple covers add glitz and glam in a flash! Armed with face-and body-safe glitter concoctions in every color of the rainbow, you’ve got festival season on lock.

Trust us—we’re festival face glitter pros!Check out some of our fav festival glitter inspo and FAQs so yournext rave can be sparkly AF!

Ways to Rock your Festival Glitter

Festival Glitter FAQs

How to wear festival glitter? +

I think an easier question to answer is how NOT to wear festival glitter? You can and should wear it whenever you want (aside from inside of orifices ‘cause no one wants that kind of sparkle surprise!) Our Glitz Grenade cosmetic-grade glitter can be worn from your head, shoulders, knees, and toes for an sinfully sparkly look! Apply liberally and sparkle, shine, and look divine!

When should I apply glitter for a festival? +

ALWAYS, with or without the festival, LOL! For realz though, if you’re about to go get fancy dancy, make sure to apply glitter onto clean skin - lotion, oil, or sweat will affect how well it binds to you skin. Pro-tip - it’s most fun to have it applied by a super sexy friend. Anyone else wanna go down the rabbit hole?

How do you keep glitter on your body? +

If it’s a Neva Nude Glitz Grenade in Aloe, you don’t needn’t worry about keeping it on your body! Our glitter won’t sweat off, BOOYAH! However, if you are constantly rubbing the area, even our super strong glitter concoction may become dislodged, so if you’re grinding like a 90’s Luda fan, apply liberally.

How to apply loose glitter? +

Phenomenal question, I’m so glad you asked! There are actually multiple ways to apply loose glitter, and it depends on the area you’re applying to and the environment you’ll be shining in!

If you’re applying glitter in large areas (like dat booty), glitter artist we suggest using hair gel (and not the Something About Mary kind) to make it stick. Channel your inner Rembrandt and grab a paintbrush (or synthetic foundation brush if you aren’t artsy slash live don’t live at JoAnns) and spread the hair gel on the area. Before the gel dries, sprinkle some of the insane amount of glitter from the Glitz Grenade onto the brush of choice and press (don’t stroke) the glitter over the gel for even coverage. Once it dries, you’ll be flyyyyyy.

Some artists advise using petroleum jelly, but to be honest, I’m not a fan of buttacne so I’d stick with the hair gel. Additionally, if you lather yourself in PJ and then are outside for hours you may get really sunburnt. Protect that skin, bb!

How to remove festival glitter? +

WHY WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO REMOVE GLITTER? JK, we know that the decompression from a festival is rough enough without having to shave your head and refurbish your room bc you can’t remove the glitter so we’ve got an easy solution!

Surprising, the ideal way to remove glitter is to get in a hot shower and wash your face.  Another effective method is to rub coconut oil on your face in circular motions and removing the residue with a face wipe. While you’re at it and becoming your best self, take a fresh spoonful of that coconut oil and fix your chompers with some pulling.>

If you’re still trying to rage at the festival but want to change your look  your best bet is to use a face wash and masking tape to remove the residue. Let’s exfoliate, y’all!

How to get festival glitter out of your hair? +

Oh Dear Lordy, it’s time to go back to work and you still look like a unicorn danced a jig on your noggin! Neva Fear, we’ve got your covered! Take premium grade oil oil, lather it all over your scalp, and massage it for deep conditioning. Leave it in for 10 minutes and then rinse. After your head will be glitter free AND your hair will be silky smooth Winning!