Halloween Outfits

Double, bubble toil and trouble…Be your wickedest self this Halloween in our sexy Halloween outfits! Whether you’re channeling your inner Disney princess, mermaid, superhero or favorite food, Neva Nude has you covered for all your holiday festivities. Dress our sexy Halloween costumes up or dress them down. No matter if you’re going for a spooky or sexy vibe, our array of pasties, lingerie, face jewels, body stickers and sparkly AF glitter will help you create a look that’s totally unique. Use our themed pasties as the base for your coolest Halloween costume ideas and let your imagination run wild! 

All our products are waterproof and self-adhering, so your costume is sure to stick, whether you’re raving your face off or bar crawling with the babes. On Halloween, you get the chance to transform yourself into someone entirely new, so go big or go home, bb! You’re in for a magical night!

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Halloween 2020 FAQs

When is Halloween? +

This spookiest and sexiest of holidays is held on October 31, 2020!

What day is Halloween 2020? +

This year, Halloween is on a Saturday! You know what that means—themed bar crawls, spooky raves and costume parties ALL WEEKEND LONG! Get ready for a graveyard SMASH, bb!!

How should I celebrate Halloween? +

People get hyped for Halloween ALL YEAR, so there’s never a shortage of fun to have! Host a costume party, dress up with a group of friends and do a spooky bar crawl, catch a rave or concert or just stay in with bae and host your own kind of Trick or Treat! ;) Wherever the night takes you, make sure you jam to some spooky tunes and drink some WICKED witches’ brew!

What should I wear for Halloween? +

There are ENDLESS possibilities for Halloween costumes! Pick your fav character, animal or meme and get creative. You can go quirky, punny, true-to-life or sexy AF. Or, if you have a partner or group of gals to dress up with, pick a theme and match (this way, you won’t lose the Danny to your Sandy or the rest of your Spice Girls in a bar)!

Do Neva Nude sell sexy Halloween outfits? +

Neva Nude sells all kinds of accessories and lingerie perfect for creating a sexy, totally unique Halloween outfit. Spooky pasties, like our Freaking Awesome Blacklight Pumpkin Pasties or Glitter Blacklight Trick or Treat Nipztix, are perfect for general Halloween ensembles. If you have a specific costume in mind, our themed pasties are perfect for superheroes, princesses, tasty treats—you name it!

What are the best accessories for Halloween? +

Glitter and glitz, bb! We have a TON of adorbs accessories to match our Halloween pasties, like peel-and-stick face jewels, body stickers and shiny AF hair and body glitter! Our Glitz Grenades are great for on-the-go glitter touch ups, and you can mix and match our jewels for the perfect look!