St. Patrick's Day Outfits

Calling allyousassy lassies—Irish or not! If you want to get lucky this St. Patrick’s Day, grab your Guinness or Jameson, raise a toastand get ready to Paddy in some sexy St. Patrick’s Day outfits from Neva Nude! Our collection of grass-green and luxurious gold pasties, body jewels, glitter and makeup will prep you for the luckiest night of your four-leaf cloversrequired! We guarantee you’llhave the best time going out with your girlswhile you’re sportinga set of our glittery shamrocksand stars.

What rocks about our wild St. Paddy’s Day outfits is that our products are designed for partying all day and all night! Thesesuper-cute pasties aren’t going anywhere for 10-12 hours, no matter how much you shake and shimmy or how much whisky you drink!Whether you’re rocking pasties or gems, our waterproof, latex-free adhesive and flexible fabrics will keep you covered. Make your St. Patrick’s party outfit extra cool with a splash (or a dousing!) of 24-karat gold body glitter that will keep you shining until the end of time.Everyone around you is sure to realize that you’re the REAL treasure they’ve been searching for!

Go on and chasethat rainbow, babes. The pot at the end is full of NEVA NUDE!

Pasties for St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day FAQs

When is St Patrick’s day 2020? +

No matter how you say it, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patty’s or St. Paddy’s Day is on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Get ready to PADDY like it’s the weekend, bb

What is the meaning of St Patrick’s day? +

St. Patrick’s Day is a feast in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. He was kindpaped at the age of 16 and sold into slavery. As a slave he found God and then returned to Ireland to spread the #goodword. He cannozied for being an outstanding Christian missionary (seems like a dull position, but okay) and running the snakes (aka pagans) out of Ireland. March 17th,his death day (morbid), was historically a day of great feastin and parades, and the Irish diaspora has propagated that tradition gloriously. BONUS FACT: The Shamrock is celebrated bc ‘ole Patty used the clover to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans. Talk about a lucky threesome! 

Why is St Patrick's Day so big in the USA? +

Technically, because during the Irish Potato famine hundreds of thousands of Irish people immigrated to the United States where they then worked in factories and formed large communities in North Eastern states as the Industrial Revolution gained momentum  (#meltingpot). Anecdotally, because as Americans, we’ll take any excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol, pinch people, and get lucky. DUH!

Where is the biggest St Patrick's Day parade in the USA? +

Dude, there is A LOT of contention around this subject, and the interwebs isn’t clear. Basically, both the big apple and windy city (NYC and Chicago) go BTTW for St. Patty’s and have parades hosting over 2 million people. I’m on team Chicago because they DYE THEIR RIVER GREEN (without harming any fishies).

How do people celebrate St. Patty’s Day? +

Wear green and/or gold and imbibe anything that is green.

What do you wear on St Patrick's Day? +

Nipztix nipple pasties and Glitz Grenade Glitter in shades of green and gold! Channel your inner LEPRECHAUN with our variety of Freaking Awesome 4-Leaf Clovers, wear our Green and Gold Kiss Me I’m Irish Heart, and look like a POT OF GOLD with a 24K gold Glitz Grenade.