I love this company and the kind, positive-energy owners. They have amazing designs; there’s always something new :) Nipztix are comfortable and the adhesive on the back works with my sensitive skin! They are waterproof and so perfect for those summers at the lake. With Neva Nude's selection I never run out of outfit ideas! LOVE LOVE LOVE


My half A's with your pasties were pretty much the laugh of everyone's day 👌🏼🤣 hahahhaa you guys rock! Wore em for close to 24 hours and they didn't irritate me at all and stuck like glue but came off pain free 😍 impressiveeee 💁🏼 can't wait for my next excuse to rep the itty bitty titty committee via


"Love, Love, Love these pasties. Fantastic quality and awesome people. Quick and responsive."

-Rachel Norris- Los Angeles
Eragon Stars

"These pasties lasted all day, I got so many comments. Form fitting and super soft."

-Santa Monica- Caroline Gibson
Wonder Woman Heart

"These pasties are great! Unique and good quality. Neva Nude also shipped the products quickly and were very fast in their responses to my inquires. Great company, great product!"

-Melissa Chapnick- St. Louis

"Would definitely purchase again! Can't wait to rock these during festival season :)"

Samantha P Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Lustful Lilac Starry Nights

"Great. super comfortable stayed all night dancing"

Kortney A Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Liquid Party X factor

"These cross pasties were so cute underneath my sheer body suit and stayed on for hours!!! I never had to worry about a nip slip! Def recommend !!!"

Kortney A Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Liquid Party X factor

"LONG LASTING AND PERFECT❤️ So I recently used these at the Paradiso festival in Washington, and I didn't expect it to be so warm but the weather was in the high 90s. Amazingly these pasties stuck on the entire time through heat and sweat and everything. Throughout the festival I kept seeing girls with pasties that had fallen off and I was afraid that would've been me but these lasted all day and I still had to pry them off by the end. They're absolutely adorable and I got tons of compliments on them"

-Elice W Verified I Heart Raves Buyers
Rainbow Sherbet Tie Dye I Heart U

LOVE THEM! They super comfortable and cute, they definitely brought attention to the outfit I was wearing. They don’t hurt when you take them off, which is what I was afraid of, I highly recommend them!

Dana M -United States- Velvet Crush Heart