Ariel Green Sequin Weed Leaf Pastie and Pantie Lingerie Set


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If Scuttles is the flyest homie you know, then grab your snarfblat and these Mermaid Green to Black Magic Flip Sequin Naughty Knix with matching Ariel Weed Leaf Pasties and get ready for a DOPE AF time!

Sequin Naughty Knix:

Perfect for the Naughtiest of Non-muggles, these MAGIC Flip-Sequin Dual Tone Matching Knix and Nipztix sets will have everyone thinking, Accio Sexiness! These spellbinding Magic Sequin G-String Thongs with Matching Magic Sequin Starry Nights Nipztix are super sexy and fun for you and your partner to play with. Each panty is made with a nylon thin waistband and a magic flip sequin self. Moving your hand over the sequins flips them so that the bottom color of the sequin is displayed. No spells necessary, but magic wands are optional ;)


Size 2-6

Weed Pasties: 3.5" x3.75"

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