Blazen Iridescent Flame Original Wingz Pair For Calf Or Boot



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Let each foot fall leave your mark upon the scorched earth as you brazen and blazenly conquer all in your path as you march into the future looking HOT AF in these Iridescent Orange and Black Leather Flame Wingz!

About Wingz:

If you've ever wanted to soar through the clouds with the speed and strength of a dragon, flutter through the flowerbeds like a beautiful butterfly ,or flit through forests and festivals like the fanciest of fairies, then these Wingz by Neva Nude are the product for you! Our Iridescently Awesome Wingz can either be laced through your boot strings or buckled around the calf for an elevated look, night or day, for dragon or fae. With wonderful, whimsical, and wicked designs created from incredible color-changing, lightweight materials (excavated from the deepest depths of the magma chamber and  plucked from the clouds of Olympus), Wingz are the penultimate way to extremely accessorize the lower extremities!

Why Are Wingz So Awesome?

  • VERSATILE WEAR: Wingz can be laced to high-topped boots or worn around your calf using the matching buckles. Perfect for pairing with any outfit!
  • HAND CRAFTED: Each of our Wingz is hand crafted, meaning no two will be identical! Enjoy a pair of Wingz that's just as unique as you.
  • SPECIALTY DESIGNS: Our diverse collection lets you pick the Wingz that speak to you the most. Are you as delicate as a butterfly or as dangerous as a dragon? 
  • BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN: We're a female owned and operated company making kick-a$$ designs that make women feel beautiful! 


  • 10.5" Tall


The Inner part of the wing is iridescent and therefore different colors from different angels