BlueBell Butterfly Jeweled Iron-On Patchette or Sticker


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A Patchette is an iron-on patch with a heat-activated adhesive backing that can be transformed into a FABulous sticker with the use of the double-sided adhesive supplied in the package. It's a sticker OR a patch. You choose!

  • All Patchettes are made with love and therefore unique! Product may vary slightly from image.
  • Be sure to mix and match with MiniStix to optimize your style.


Why Are Patchetts So Awesome?

  • Have we said yet that they are the coolest stickers/Patchettes around?
  • Each design is unique and rad, like you!
  • You can collect them, swap them, stick them, or wear them!

  • Double-sided adhesive for the temporary sticker option is medical grade and latex-free. No itchy rashes!

  • Use as a permanent patch OR semi-permanent collectible sticker

  • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application

  • Reinvent and repurpose clothes, sneaks, and accessories

  • Stick on to notebooks, cellphones, or skin!

  • Collect and swap with friends

  • Most Patchettes can be used as a iron-on patch after use as a sticker.


Bonus: Watch cool videos of rising YouTube sensations Emma & Tanner for tips and tricks of application.

Check out our Insta for Inspo of how to accessorize your life with Pachettes.


What Goodies Come in Each Patchette Package:

  • Double-sided latex-free adhesive to make your Patchette into a long-lasting temporary sticker.
  • Heat bond adhesive to make your Patchette into a permanent patch.
Remember, you can always turn your Patchette into a Patch after you've used it as a sticker! Boo-yah! 



It's time for the boring stuff!:

  • Patchettes are designed to permanently adhere to the chosen surface. Once one has been ironed on, it cannot be removed.
  • FabStix is not liable for any damage caused by or to the Pachettes.
  • Now let's get back to the fun part and check out our other goodies!


  • Width: 2"
  • Height: 2.4"