Champagne Showers Flip Sequin I Heart U Small Body Stickers 6PK


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We're gonna get you wet

We're gonna make you sweat

A night you won't forget

Are you ready for

Champagne showers

Champagne showers

Pop it in the club

We light it up e'rry hour

I said, champagne showers

Champagne showers

We pop pop pop it in the club

We light it up e'rry hour, e'rry hour

Let the party rock!

Put your hands up

E'rrybody just dance up

We came to party rock

So flash your titties like Mardi Gras



Each pack includes 6 BodiStix. BodiStix are the most awesome accessory to elevate your look. Use them exclusively or combined with Nipztix to transform your body into the perfect canvas! Mix and match your BodiStix to create a unique look. Everybodi has a story - let Neva Nude help tell yours! Be sure to check out our instagram for examples and advice on pairings.

  • All BodiStix are handmade with love and therefore unique! Product may vary slightly from image.


Why Are BodiStix So Awesome?

  • Handmade in Sunny California
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free medical grade adhesive
  • Last for 8-10 hours in all kinds of environments!
  • Made of locally sourced (Santa Monica, yay!) materials
  • Self adhering with an easy peasy application
  • Spice up your outfits and favorite bikinis


  • Sizing: 1.4 inches by 1.5 inches
  • Coverage: 1.5 inches