Star Studded Iridescent Crystal Face and Body Stickers


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"Starry Starry Night, paint your palette spark-le-ly. Look out on a summer's day. With eyes that know the darkness in my soul." Create your own work of art with these iridescent face jewels that can also be worn anywhere on the body! Each awesome jem sticker pack comes equipped with multiple sizes of oblong gems and stars that will allow you to prove that this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you! Artistic influence: be sure to pair with Neva Nude body glitter and Carnival Bras for a masterful rave outfit!


"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation." -Nikola Tesla…
Show your inner sparkle on the outside with these beautiful single-use, easy to apply Crystal FaceStix.  You are a force of life to be reckoned with, and whether your nature is that of a mermaid, fairy, nymph, goddess, or bad-ass bae, Neva Nude has you covered.
Pro-Tip: Pair with matching Nipztix, BodiStix, and Glitz Grenade to complete your look!


  • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application
  • They are the sparkliest, most majestic, magical BodiStix ever!
  • Live out your princess/fairy/goddess fantasy OR perfect your rave/festival fashion!
  • Made for kids of all ages!