Holographic Butterfly Garden HOLOstix Face and Body Stickers


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Because....who doesn't love STICKERS? Made for kids of all ages, these HOLOGRAPHIC AF multi-purpose body stickers add extra flair and fun to any look. Use as face stickers or body stickers that last for 10 HOURS, and then repurpose to stick on cell phones, notebooks, electronics, or wherever you want some butterfly bling! With multiple sizes ranging from 2 inches to half an inch, with every changing holographic and iridescent colors, you can create your own Butterfly BODtanical Garden!



Stick it to the man! We know it's deviation from our nipple cover pasties, but as sticker obsessed ravers and decal dorks, we HAD to birth these holographic body stickers! Place on the body or face, and then after your epic event repurpose them to decorate, well, anything that you want to elevate! Simpler and less time consuming than temporary tattoos, you can quickly change and improve any look multiple times!


Why Are Holostix So Awesome?

  • Made with a hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive
  • Last for 8-10 hours in all kinds of environments! Peel, stick and PLAY!
  • Reusable! After wearing, you can elevate electronics, desk jockey gear, water bottles, and MOAR!
  • HOLO AF! These super duper holographic stickers come in multiple sizes and colors, but you'll definitely see the RAINBOW effect!
  • For Women by Women: Neva Nude is an inclusive, female-owned and operated company. Look loud and be proud!


  • Clean face and body of all oils and makeup. Fresh is best!
  • Determine optimal surface area that you want to decorate
  • Cut out desired stickers from the pack
  • Peel off the backing and smoothly stick it, bb!
  • Press firmly on the sticker and hold for 20 seconds