Indio Empress Yellow Real Dried Pressed Flower Face Stickers


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Indio Empress

Look as if you were plucked from the heavens and placed to RULE at Coachella or any other festival/bacchanal/event in these yellow and pinks pressed flower Femme ‘Indio Empress' Floral Nipztix and BodiStix by Neva Nude. With a look this fresh, you'll be sure to get that Summer Lovin' all year round! 


Do you long to appear like you've traipsed through a meadow for hours? Searching for a look that shows off your delicate side? Embody softness and beauty in these pressed and dried floral Nipztix! Each fabulous design is made with real flowers to be worn on your face or body for a truly natural look. A totally unique accessory to amplify your fae, feminine or cottage core vibe.

Why Our Real Flower Nipztix Are So AWESOME

  • ULTRA-EASY APPLICATION: Each dried floral design is constructed as a full piece. Simply peel off the backing and stick each segment on—no individual placement required!
  • LONG LASTING: While more delicate than our other nipple covers, our floral Nipztix will stay on until removed at the end of the day or night! Each piece offers one long-lasting wear.
  • SPECIALTY DESIGNS: Featuring a variety of colors, patterns and shapes, each pressed floral Nipztix design is a work of art you can wear. Every piece has been created for perfect coverage and MAXIMUM beauty.
  • BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN: We're a female owned and operated company making designs that make women feel beautiful, right here in the USA!