Meanie Queenie Blacklight Large Folding Fan


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Play your cards right and you'll be breaking red hearts left and right with this Alice in Wonderland themed UV Reactive Festival Hand Fan! This vibrant UV decorative hand fan will give you the illusion of a breezy disposition at the festival, rave, or odd croquet match. You'll have no heated trails or tribulations, although we cannot promise you won't be pursued by any knaves. Just snap these folding fans open and "Off with their heads!".  Disclaimer: Neva Nude is not liable for any decapitations.



Don't let the desert sun ruin your fun! Our hella cute festival fans wisp away heat waves to help you par-tay all day. Need to set it down for a sec? Stash the fan in its complimentary drawstring bag. From florals to neon hues, the fan collection's got a little something for every rave ‘fit. They're stylish AND functional—what more could you ask for??

Why Our Festival Fans Are So AWESOME

  • DRAWSTRING BAG: Festivals can get cray-cray. You might lose a shoe, but not this fan! Every festival fan comes with a stylish drawstring bag to protect it from getting damaged or lost.

  • BROAD WIDTH: Every fan is 13.5 inches tall and 24.5 inches wide! The epic wingspan will keep you cool and shade your eyes from the sun.

  • UV AND BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE: There's more to these fans than meets the eye! The colors come alive beneath blacklight and UV rays for a super epic look.

  • BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN: Neva Nude is female owned and operated with a mission to serve you the sparkliest of looks. We empower rave babes with products designed and mostly made in the USA!