Neon Tetris Green Neon AF Blacklight Sporto Pastie and Pantie Lingerie Set


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Free matching Nipztix pasties included!

Bring back the 90's in these Awesome Neon Tetris Naughty Knix!

Pro-tip: Dust off that GameBoy in your Mom's attic and go to town!

About Naughty Knix

  • Naughty Knix are the perfect pair of underwear for the ultimate woman. You know her, she's a total #GIRLBOSS at work, a beast on the court, and a lady in the streets! In order to accomplish all of this ish, she needs a pair of panties is flexible, vibrant, and sexy.
  • Designed by Biomechanical specialists, our SPORTO Knix are designed to move with you as you move mountains. With a waistband made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, it hugs your curves and flatters the silhouette while maintaining integrity throughout range of motion. Our Knix feel light and breathable during the most strenuous of activities (crossfit, triathlon, and sexy-times tested), giving you peace of mind and comfort all day long.
  • With NEON AF, Blacklight Reactive designs our Knix will set you miles above the competition and will have you winning the awesome award. BOOM


  • S-M 0-4- tiny
  • M-L 4-8 - they run small 


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