Night Crawling Spider & Web Glitter Nail Stickers


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The sky will be falling and devil's calling in these spider and web nail art stickers. Each pack contains a variety of creepy crawlies with crystals to stick on nails. If you're craving attention in the midnight reflection, you can complete the perfect Halloween costume, rave outfit, or simply celebrate Spooky Season with these wicked web nail stickers. These itsy bitsy spiders weave a big look, bb! Pro-Tip: File nails to a sharp point for a wonderfully witchy effect!


Nail stickers are the best thing to happen to your digits since sliced bread! Create an almost effortless look with cute or creepy designs so cool that they appear to crawl off the fingers! Who needs a manicurist when you can doctor up your Regina Phalanges with any alter ego they need? Each pack comes equipped with 10 awesome nail stickers. Booyah! 

Why Are Neva Nude Nail Stickers So Awesome?

COOL DESIGNS: Created in Sunny California, these creepy, cute, or quirky designs will excite and delight!
EASY APPLICATION: Just peel, stick, trim, and voila! Insta nail art!
CHEAP AF: Stick on Nails cost waaaay less than a professional manicure. Take that $$ to the bank...or club!
MIX & MATCH: Epic designs allow for incredibly rave outfits! Pair nails with Neva Nude products for a complete 'fit!
FOR WOMEN By WOMEN: Neva Nude is a female-owned and operated PROUD company. Get it gurls!



  1. Cleanse nails with alcohol or acetone and a lint-free pad before application to remove any oils or lotions. Gotta stick it to them, good, bb!
  2. Remove clear cover from nail strips and select nail strips that best match your nail size2. Select nail strips that best match your nail size.
  1. Remove a nail strip from backing, apply to nail, and gently stretch to fit. Tears=Tears
  2. Trim excess from edge of nail.
  3. Repeat on all ten nails, or to your party nails.
  4. Optional: Apply topcoat for extra shine and a longer lifetime!
  5. When ready to remove, soak nails in warm water. Apply polish remover and lightly peel off stickers.