Pastel Gemmies 100 Individual Crystal Jewel BodiStix In Your Face Edition


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Live out your 9 year old fantasies of decorating your face and body with 1990's sticky earrings while looking as cute as a cupcake and sweeter than pie with our individually sized Pastel Gemmies by Neva Nude. Gemmies come in 10 sizes in four different pastel shades - perfect for designing your own unique look! Create flowers, spirals, Harry Potter style lightning bolts, and much much more! 


  • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application

  • They are the sparkliest, most majestic, magical FaceStix Jewels ever!

  • Live out your princess/fairy/goddess fantasy OR perfect your rave/festival fashion!

  • Add anywhere on your body to add some extra sparkle!
  • Complete your makeup look with our Pastel Gemmies
  • They literally create a ‘treasure chest'...... for your face!


Mini Stones!