Peek-A-Boo Piercing Bling Reusable Silicone Nipple Pasties


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Introducing our Peek-A-Boo Diamond Dazzle Silicone Pasties – the hottest thing to hit your wardrobe since glitter and glam! 

Unleash your inner sparkle with these reusable silicone nude nipple pasties that come with a jaw-dropping surprise: a diamond nipple bar! 

Picture this: your favorite sheer top, a hint of glam, and a sassy secret waiting to be revealed. Our Diamond Dazzle Pasties are not just accessories; they're the ultimate style statement. ????✨

Made from skin-friendly silicone, these pasties are not only comfy but oh-so-reusable. Pop them on, peel them off, and get ready to turn heads. And did we mention the pièce de résistance? The built-in diamond nipple bar, showcasing your piercing with a touch of bling and without the OUCHIES!

Whether you're hitting the festival scene or adding some sass to date night, these pasties are your secret weapon. Elevate your look, embrace your confidence, and let the diamonds do the talking!

Get ready to sparkle and slay, because with Neva Nude, every outfit becomes a runway! 

  • BIOMECHANICAL GENIUS: Super duper thin edges for a seamless look and feel!
  • COMFORTABLE AF: Invisible look so no more nips slips or cutting ice! BuhBye Bra!
  • SKIN SAFE: Like all Neva Nude products, they will love your skin with our medical grade silicone. 
  • PERFECT MATCH: 3 skin tone colors to choose from for the most invisible look since Harry Potter's Cloak!
  • PAPARAZZI Ready: Gloss was sooo 2019! Nude Nipztix have a  BEAUTIFUL matte finish so they won't reflect or show through clothing! 
  • REUSABLE: Made from REUSABLE silicone! Treat them with love and you'll get to wear them hella times!


3" x 3"

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