Share Bare Lavender Pearl Shimmer X nipple Cover Pasties


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Introducing our latest sensation: Share Bare Lavender Shimmer X Nipple Cover Pasties! Inspired by the beloved Share Bear, these exquisite pasties are meticulously handcrafted by none other than rumplestintskin himself, using the luxurious fabrics from the renowned J Valentine. Each pair promises unparalleled luxury and style, embodying the essence of Share Bear's caring and joyful spirit.


Each pack includes 2 Nipztix pasties. Nipztix will effectively hide your thunder while allowing you to shine! Our pasties are great for raves and rendezvous, parties and poolsides, and festivals or fashion emergencies. Wear Nipztix for evenings out, with daring dresses or to spice up those intimate situations ;) Rock Your Body (yeah, yeah) without the wardrobe malfunctions. Join our party and dare to (almost) bare!

  • All Nipztix are handmade with love and therefore unique! Product may vary slightly from image. 

 Why Are Nipztix So Awesome?

  • Handmade in Sunny California
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free medical grade adhesive
  • Last for 10-12 hours
  • Made of locally sourced (Santa Monica, yay!) swimsuit material
  • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application
  • Spice up your cutest outfits, wear under tanks, or even replace a bikini top ;)
  • Female owned and operated, BOOOYAH!


  • 3 x 3"

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