Witchy Woman Glow In The Dark Stick On Nails


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He'll have the moon in his eyes when he sees you rocking these Wiccan stick on nails. Look like the ultimate sexy sorceress in half the time it takes for a manicure and one-fifth of the price! Each pack of nail art stickers comes with 16 different sizes and designs so that you can get a fit so perfect that you'll think you swallowed a love potion! Talk about sparks flying from your fingertips!



My style can't be duplicated or recycled. This chick is a sick individual Sicktate, volume two, believe it! Ho! Ho!Let me switch up the nail game. If you're ready to run this like the great Missy Elliot, then stick it with Neva Nude nail wraps! They're so easy to apply, it won't break your back and so inexpensive you'll be saving stacks! Designs from witchy to wacky, cartoonish, not tacky will have you waving your perfectly decorated hands in the air like Oh Yeah!


Why Are Neva Nude Nail Stickers So Awesome?

COOL DESIGNS: Created in Sunny California, these creepy, cute, or quirky designs will excite and delight!

EASY APPLICATION: Just peel, stick, trim, and voila! Insta nail art!

CHEAP AF: Stick on Nails cost waaaay less than a professional manicure. Take that $$ to the bank...or club!

WFH: If you're worried about cooties, never fear! You can play your favorite tunes and wear joggernaughties while you embellish your nails at home!

FOR WOMEN By WOMEN: Neva Nude is a female-owned and operated PROUD company. Get it gurls!



  1. Cleanse nails with alcohol or acetone and a lint-free pad before application to remove any oils or lotions. Gotta stick it to them, good, bb!

  2. Remove clear cover from nail strips and select nail strips that best match your nail size

  3. Remove a nail strip from backing, apply to nail, and gently stretch to fit. Tears=Tears

  4. Trim any excess from the edges of your nails and file to the desired length.

  5. Repeat on all ten nails, or to your desired PARTY nails.

  6. Optional: Apply topcoat for extra shine and a longer lifetime!

  7. When ready to remove, soak nails in warm water. Apply polish remover and lightly peel off stickers.