Zombie Zebra Rainbow Reflective Pastie and Pantie Lingerie Set


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Transform from dead boring to horrifically awesome in our Zombie Zebra Reflective Nipztix and Naughty Knix. While charcoal gray with subtle hints of neon zebra stripes in the day, these bad boys will light-up with Neon Rainbow Zebra stripes faster than Rick with a revolver so that you'll look hotter than Brad Pitt in a scarf. Throw these on, grab bae, some Glitz Grenades and let's get ready for the Neon Apocalypse, bb!

About Naughty Knix:

Naughty Knix are the perfect pair of underwear for the ultimate woman. You know her, she's a total #GIRLBOSS at work, a beast on the court, and a lady in the streets! In order to accomplish all of this ish, she needs a pair of panties is flexible, vibrant, and sexy.

Designed by Biomechanical specialists, our thin G-String Knix are designed to move with you as you move mountains. Our Knix feel superlight, supersexy, and breathable during the most strenuous of activities (xfit, marathon, and sexy-times tested), giving you peace of mind, comfort, and allure all day long.

With NEON AF, Blacklight Reactive designs our Knix will set you miles above the competition and will have you winning the awesome award. BOOM


These run smaller ;)

One Size: 0-6

Nipztix: 3x3"

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